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Club Policies


Ball Hunting Policy

The hunting of golf balls at Chester Golf Club will be permitted only on rainy days, or after 6:00pm. Hunting golf balls is also permitted when the golf course is closed for the season. The hunting of golf balls is prohibited at any other time or occasion. This policy is adopted to ensure the safety of all those concerned.



Cell Phone Policy

The Chester Golf Club respectively requests that members and guests adhere to the following etiquette with respect to the use of cell phone and personal electronic devices while at the club.

  • Please switch your device to silent mode or off.
  • Refrain from making calls while on the course or in the dining room.
  • If you must make a call, please be mindful of other members and guests who may not want to hear your conversation.
  • Be mindful of the pace of play, if your call causes delays.



Member Accounts

Members are advised that they are able to charge purchases to their account at the Dining Room, Bar, Beverage Cart, and Pro Shop. Charges at the Dining Room, Bar, and Beverage Cart that exceed $10.00 will be subject to a 15% gratuity unless otherwise directed by the member. 


Accounts Receivable Policy

1. No member account shall be set up until a credit card is attached to that account.

2. At month’s end the account will be cleared via the credit card, unless paid previously.

3. In the event the club’s staff is unable to access this credit card due to expiration, cancellation, or other reasons, the member account will be frozen until such a time as the account is cleared, or the card is re-activated.

4. Staff members may have a charge account without a credit card on file, with the firm understanding that any amount overdue will be deducted from their pay.

5. All member accounts are to be limited at $1000.00. There is to be no further credit until the account is brought up to date.

6. At the beginning of each season, playing privileges will be suspended until overdue accounts are cleared.

7. All accounts must be paid in full before leave of absence or medical leaves are granted.

8. Any overdue account belonging to an ex-member shall be turned over to a collection agency, at the discretion of the management.

9. If a member does not adhere to the club’s A/R policy, the Board of Directors reserves the right to refuse future credit and playing privileges. Worst case scenarios may result in the revoking of membership by the Board of Directors.