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Current Membership Categories

Membership in the Club shall be divided into the following categories.

(A) Senior

i) Resident of the “Chester Area”. This area includes the Village of Chester and westward to the east bank of the Gold River and eastward to Highway 329, thence southward to the Little East River and Rous Cove, including lands to the west of Highway 329 and those lands to the east directly abutting Highway 329, bounded to the north by Highway 103 and to the south by the Atlantic Ocean. Islands connected to the mainland are included.

ii) Any person living in the described geographical area, ordinarily or seasonally, after a period of at least six months, may apply for membership.

iii) Qualified persons whose residency is less than 5 years will be subject to a $1,500.00 initiation fee plus applicable taxes.

(iv) New Senior Members have 30 Business days from the date of their Senior Membership application approval by the Club Membership Committee to pay their Senior Membership Fees in full, including Club initiation fee if applicable. If full Senior Membership Fees are not paid within this 30 business day period the applicant will be added to the Club Membership Wait List and a new Senior Membership Application will be required including a new $100.00 non-refundable Senior Membership deposit fee.

(B) Senior Spouse

Spouse of a Chester Golf Club Senior member resides outside the existing Club Membership boundaries as defined above (i)) “Spouse” includes a common-law spouse or registered domestic partner as defined by the Vital Statistics Act. Applicants will be subject to a $1,500.00 initiation fee plus applicable taxes.

(C) Intermediate

i) These persons are between the ages of 19 and 25 as of April 1 and are full-time students in a post secondary institution. Proof of student status must be provided.

ii) Dues are one-half of the Senior rate.

iii) This is a courtesy extended by the Club to students continuing their education and who would otherwise qualify as a Senior member at Senior rate.

(D) Junior (ages 6-18) at April 1 of the year junior membership application is submitted.

i) Must be a child or a grandchild of a member or

ii) A resident of the Municipality of the District of Chester.

iii) Any Junior who maintains his/her membership, in good standing, for the three (3) year period prior to turning 19 will be eligible for Intermediate or Senior membership upon reaching the age of 19.

(E) Social Membership

This membership category is for those who wish to maintain a social connection with the Chester Golf Club. An annual fee of $50.00 provides dining room privileges as well as participation in the opening and closing non-golf functions of the club.

(F) Medical Leave

i) A member may at the discretion of the Board of Directors be granted medical leave for a period of one year only.

ii) The member must apply for medical leave before April 1st of the year in which they require leave by application in writing addressed to the Membership Committee Chairperson.

iii) Such a letter shall contain a Doctors Certificate supporting the members application.

iv) The Member will receive written notification from the Membership Committee Chairperson if their Medical Leave request is approved or denied.

v) In the event that the Member’s medical circumstances change following their Medical Leave request being approved, he/she may rejoin the Club during that year by paying his/her full Membership Fees plus applicable taxes.

(G) Leave-of- Absence

i) A member may be granted a leave of absence for 1 year to a maximum of 2 years upon application to the Membership Committee Chairperson.

ii) Payment of a $100.00 fee plus any applicable taxes for each year is required.

iii) The Deadline for a Leave of Absence request is April 1 of the year the request is submitted.

iv) The member will receive written notification from the Membership Committee Chairperson if their Leave of Absence request is approved or denied.

(H) Senior to Social Membership

The deadline for a Member moving from Senior Member to Social Member is April 1 of the year this membership category change is requested. This request is to be made in writing to the Membership Committee Chairperson.

The Senior (including Intermediate) membership category shall have a maximum of 850 members. The Junior category will have a maximum of 180 members. These cap numbers are subject to review by the Chester Golf Club Board of Directors.

A Waiting List, reflecting the above, will be posted in the pro shop and at the Club website.

Payment of Fees:

(a) Membership fees are due on April 1st. On April 8th a list of names will be posted at the Club for all member accounts or dues which remain in arrears. As of this date, unpaid fees will be subject to a penalty of $50.00 plus applicable taxes or such other amount as determined from time to time by the Board. Playing privileges will be suspended for these members until accounts are paid in full.

(a) On April 15th, delinquent memberships will be cancelled by the Club. Members will have until April 22nd to appeal to the Club in writing for reinstatement.

(b) Club members who have their membership cancelled for non-payment of fees may not reapply for currently open categories of membership for two years.

Only Senior members of the Club shall be entitled to receive notice of, and to vote at meetings of the Club. All other members shall be entitled to attend, but not to vote at such meetings.

The Board shall recommend a fee and assessment schedule to the Annual General Meeting which shall set membership fees and assessments for the Club.

Applications for membership shall be made in writing to the Membership Committee Chairperson and reviewed by the Membership Committee, which shall have the authority to accept or reject such applications. Any person whose application for membership has been rejected may appeal to the Board.

Membership in the Club shall cease upon:

(a) The death of a member;

(b) The resignation of a member;

(c) A member being expelled from membership by resolution of the Board for non-payment of dues, fees or assessments or for other good and sufficient cause at the discretion of the Board.