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Club Staff
General Manager/Superintendent Dave MacMillan
Business Manager Phillip Chandler
Food and Beverage Manager Megan Sheppard
Head Professional Dan Fraser
Howdy Pew David Hilchey
Walter Webber William Camp
Robert Nunn  
President Bruce Forest
1st Vice President Anne Lindsay
2nd Vice President Joe Green
Women's President Kelly McKnight
Treasurer Andy Hare
Secretary Marlene Warren
Past President David Jessome
Board of Directors
David Jessome Dale Rafuse
Andy Hare Mike Lepage
Anne Lindsay Joe Green 
Bruce Forest Cathy Rafuse
Peter Cowan Marlene Warren
David Hilchey Don Horne 
Committee Chairpersons
Greens David Hilchey
House Cathy Rafuse
Long Range Planning Dale Rafuse
Match Chairman Mike Lepage
Junior Chair Peter Cowan / Joe Green
Marketing Dave MacMillan
Handicap Chair David Hume
Membership Chair Don Horne
Women's Executive
President Kelly McKnight 
Vice President Anne Lindsay
Secretary Patti Pringle
Treasurer Cathy Rafuse
Past President Ruth Christian