Club Policies

Please note that these are the most referred to policies and not considered a complete list nor are they presented in any particular order.

Online Booking Terms

Members can book up to seven days in advance and Guests can book up to six days in advance.

We encourage all players to report to the Pro Shop 15 minutes prior to their tee-time. Also, if you need to cancel or modify your reservation please call the golf shop at 902-275-4543

You will need to have (or create a profile) name, telephone number, email address, and a valid credit card to reserve a tee time; your credit card will not be charged at the time of booking.
You may choose any conventional form of payment at the time of physically checking in at the course. Under no circumstance does the golf course sell, trade or share your private information with third or inquiring parties.
The price of the reservation is determined by the time and day of the tee time. Online tee times are intended for three and foursomes. Please note; twosomes and singles will be paired when possible.
You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your booking.
Dress Code

Gentlemen (of all ages)

Appropriate golf slacks or shorts which must be no more than six inches above the knee. Collared shirts are preferred; however, mock neck shirts with a collar band of at least 1½ inches are acceptable. All shirts must be tucked in at all times with the exception of shirts having a straight-cut, finished hem and a full-buttoned front.

Appropriate footwear for golf must be worn on the golf course. Golf sandals are acceptable with or without socks. A soft spikes only policy is in effect.

Ladies (of all ages)

Appropriate tailored golf slacks, culottes, skirts, dresses, skorts and shorts, which must be a maximum of eight inches above the knee.

All tops must have either collars or sleeves. Ladies may wear a mock style collar and a sleeveless shirt. Designer shirts may be worn untucked; however, bare midriffs are not acceptable. Tank tops are not permitted.

Appropriate footwear for golf must be worn on the golf course. Golf sandals are acceptable with or without socks. A softspikes policy is in effect.

Ball Hunting

The hunting of golf balls at Chester Golf Club will be permitted only on rainy days, or after 6:00pm. Hunting golf balls is also permitted when the golf course is closed for the season. The hunting of golf balls is prohibited at any other time or occasion. This policy is adopted to ensure the safety of all those concerned.

Cell Phones

The Chester Golf Club respectively requests that members and guests adhere to the following etiquette with respect to the use of cell phone and personal electronic devices while at the club.

  • Please switch your device to silent mode or off.
  • Refrain from making calls while on the course or in the dining room.
  • If you must make a call, please be mindful of other members and guests who may not want to hear your conversation.
  • Be mindful of the pace of play, if your call causes delays. 
Booking/Cancellation Policy (June 2020)

Club Members will be limited to booking one tee time within every six-hour timeframe. One tee time is defined as 1 spot, a twosome, a threesome or a foursome.  Our new Chrono Golf system includes this restriction.

Member Tee Booking No Shows. The Club has had a long-standing policy in place and this policy has been communicated each year to Club membership, example, Annual Member Handbook. Existing Policy is as follows, Members who do not show up for times without notifying the Pro Shop within a reasonable time, minimum of 1 hour, will be given two warnings in writing by Staff. In the event a Member continues failing to give notice of cancellation, they will receive a letter from the Club giving notice of loss of advance booking privileges for a period of one week.

 It is very important to note that Members add their Guest’s names to their reservations when booking a tee time. This can be done in directly in Chronogolf. or by calling the Pro Shop no later than 6 hours prior to the tee-time.


The Chester Golf Club is licensed by the Nova Scotia Alcohol, Gaming, Fuel and Tobacco Division and is required to adhere to all provisions of the Nova Scotia Liquor Control Act. In accordance with the above regulations, no alcohol is permitted on the property unless served under the Chester Golf Club license. Consumption of alcohol is confined to the Clubhouse and those other areas designated by the Board of Directors in accordance with the licensing authority.

 The Club assumes no liability for any injury, wrongdoing, or problem caused by a breach of these rules.

As a condition of the use of the Club’s premises, and, more particularly, the provision of alcoholic beverages by the Club, all persons hereby expressly waive any liability on the part of the Club arising out of the consumption of alcoholic beverages and agree to indemnify and save harmless the Club from any and all claims, damages, lawsuits referable to the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Disciplinary Policy

General Conduct:

As with all enterprises that consists of dues paying members, there is a code of conduct expected of Chester Golf Club members which includes meeting of normal standards of behaviour. Included, but not all encompassing, is respect for others and the course itself; maintaining non aggressive relationships with staff, members and guests; and, maintaining decorum and self-control while on club premises.

Policy Specifics:

Formally reported complaints/incidents of membership misconduct will be dealt with professionally. That is to say that confidentiality will be maintained, and given sensitivities, communication will ensure that information gathered will be protected and not unduly shared.

This Policy is a Board Policy and its enforcement is the responsibility of the General Manager who has full delegation to act under its guidelines. Assessment of penalty for misconduct will be determined using the prescribed guidelines below,

There shall be a small disciplinary committee established to support the General Manager with investigating, fact-finding and analysis. The Disciplinary Committee may also inform the General Manager of incident severity and impact (no recommendation authority) to assist in determination of any potential enforcement action.

The General Manager, when deemed necessary, may seek assistance from the Board in exceptional or difficult cases.

Members who have had enforcement action taken against them may seek appeal through formal written communication to the Board within one week of being informed of the penalty for the misconduct.


Generally these guidelines are intended to be somewhat descriptive only. The examples provided are to be considered without limiting overall scope and/or decision making. They serve to standardize without great simplification of very difficult decisions. Following analysis and review the General Manager will apply the enforcement action as follows:

  • Determine which of the three general headings of Severe; Considerable; Minor; apply
  • Determine any underlying factors such as provocation or mitigating circumstances
  • Inform the individual(s) following decision making
  1. Severe Misconduct – Termination of Membership & may include banning from premises
    • Personal or sexual harassment of others, including staff; members or guests
    • Significant harm or abuse of others, or wilful property damage
    • Wilful behaviour that brings damage to the reputation Chester Golf Club
    • Repeated infractions of lesser significance, see below
  2. Considerable Misconduct – Loss of Membership for One or Two months
    • Bringing minor harm or minor abuse to others; wilful minor property damage
    • Inappropriate conduct that considerably impairs member enjoyment of facilities
    • Extraordinary incident of disrespecting staff or others. Creating altercations.
    • Repeated infractions of lessor significance, see below
  3. Minor Misconduct – Two or Three Week Loss of playing privileges
    • Conduct which contravenes our general code of conduct policy to a non-considerable degree, such as impolite or disrespectful behaviour towards staff
    • Creating an incident, becoming engaged in a incident that creates embarrassment
    • Horseplay, stupidity, and behaviour unwelcomed in the membership community

This Policy and its Guidelines are intended to provide members with an understanding of the consequences of misconduct. Further they serve to provide direction to the General Manager who must deal with formal complaints professionally and act on them accordingly and in a timely fashion.

    Member Accounts

    Members are able to charge purchases to their account at the Dining Room, Bar, Beverage Cart, and Pro Shop provided they have provided a chargeable credit card to the Proshop at the beginning of the season.

    Charges at the Dining Room, Bar, and Beverage Cart that exceed $10.00 will be subject to an automatic 15% gratuity unless otherwise directed by the member.

      Accounts Receivable Policy



      1. No member account shall be set up until a credit card is attached to that account.
      2. At month’s end the account will be cleared via the credit card, unless paid previously.
      3. In the event the club’s staff is unable to access this credit card due to expiration, cancellation, or other reasons, the member account will be frozen until such a time as the account is cleared, or the card is re-activated.
      4. Staff members may have a charge account without a credit card on file, with the firm understanding that any amount overdue will be deducted from their pay.
      5. All member accounts are to be limited at $1000.00. There is to be no further credit until the account is brought up to date.
      6. At the beginning of each season, playing privileges will be suspended until overdue accounts are cleared.
      7. All accounts must be paid in full before leave of absence or medical leaves are granted.
      8. Any overdue account belonging to an ex-member shall be turned over to a collection agency, at the discretion of the management.
      9. If a member does not adhere to the club’s A/R policy, the Board of Directors reserves the right to refuse future credit and playing privileges. Worst case scenarios may result in the revoking of membership by the Board of Directors.