Senior Membership




Senior Membership
(i) Resident of the “Chester Area”. This includes the Village of Chester and westward to the east bank of the Gold River and eastward to Highway 329, thence southward to Little East River and Rous Cove, 3 including lands to the west of Highway 329 and those lands to the east directly abutting Highway 329, bounded to the north by Highway 103 and to the south by the Atlantic Ocean. Islands connected to the mainland are included.
(ii) Any person living in the described geographical area, ordinarily or seasonally, after a period of at least six months, may apply for membership.
(iii) Qualified persons whose residency is less than 5 years will be subject to a $1,500.00 initiation fee plus applicable taxes.
(iv) New Senior Members have 30 days from the date of their Senior Membership application approval by the Club Membership Committee to pay their Senior Membership Fees in Full, including Club initiation fee if applicable. If the full Senior Membership Fees are not paid within this 30-day period, the applicant will be removed from the Club Membership List and a new Senior Membership Application will be required including a new $100.00 non-refundable Senior Membership deposit fee.